Eylaf Medical Establishment

About us



Although Eylaf was established in 2000, the history beyond it is more than four decades of diversity in many different businesses in different sectors. Eylaf is a part of group of businesses that used to only focus on medical supply for the government as well private sector through tenders and contracts.

Therefore, Eylaf restructured their profile to go beyond that to find more opportunities.As a local agent Eyaf has international brands and sole distributors to these international brands to supply the governments.To managing brands and ensure gaining market share requires a certain methodology and approach to run the business, Eylaf always looks to build its portfolio to more brands and more international partners


We always work to build confidence and trust with our customers by giving them an assurance of contributing positively to their health and lifestyle and bring what adds value to them.


We believe synergy is a unique chemistry outcome that bring success and happiness. We extend our synergy not only with our team and personal, but we also try our best to develop this synergy with other stakeholders to meet all the objectives.


We are living in a highly interactive and social world. All our growth and directions are driven by our stakeholder's vision and ambition. We highly appreciate and consider all constructive feedback and comments that guide us to deliver better performances.

Company Profile

If you want to know more details or our company profile please write to us, our specialist will revert back to you soon.